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Dr. Anuj as a motivational speaker, has actively participated in numerous training programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences on topics related to human life. He has undergone the Mind Power Coach programme – “Train the Trainer” by the prestigious Sneh Academy run by Dr. Sneh Desai, the renowned orator, motivational speaker and life skills expert……

Director -IIMT

A very good Trainer & Life Coach, benefited many students

Well Accomplished Trainer

Trusted by many colleges, institutions & Corporate

Motivational & Life Coach

Inspiring & Igniting young Minds Across the nation

Video Sessions By Dr. Anuj Agarwal

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Live Results from Training & Coaching

Team Based Coaching

Team brings strength & help individuals complement each other. It makes them to be more than sum of their parts.

Indoor Classroom Sessions

Candidates learn first by demonstrations, and  then they make brainstorming discussions to find unique solution

Workshop Training

Candidates learn from each other & By learning by doing methods, after practical demonstrations

Motivational Training Programs

Life Coaching For Working Professionals

High Performance Training For Teams

Coaching and Mentoring

Corporate Training For Engagement & Performance Management

Life Skills for Management Graduates

Ownership, Initiative and Accountability

Stress Management Training

Ignition Training for Young Minds

Train The Trainer

Awards and Recognitions

About us

Dr. Anuj Agarwal has been an impressive motivational speaker on various topics related to our everyday life.

Our mission

Our mission is to motivate and instill self confidence & belief to succeed in personal life & career by a motivational speaker.

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